Biography of Noni Nation Inc – Hanson Noni’s independent Record Label and Music Home

The Biography of Noni Nation Inc- Hanson Noni’s independent record label and music home, how it started and the beginning story of it.

In 2018, Hanson Noni discovered Noni Nation Inc. As his independent Record Label and Music Home during his normal musical rehearsals in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State. Nigeria. By then he was managing life with Clinton Oge, meanwhile, Clinton Oge was a Cousin who turned to a good and Faithful blood brother to him.

Noni Nation Inc becomes a reality when an opportunity came in the same year 2018. Hanson Noni made it to X1 Recording Studio, accompanied by Clinton Oge, the same day Hanson Noni recorded “Adamma” and “No Time”,that was when He started adding “Noni Nation Inc” in his songs.

In 2020, Hanson Noni began to create Noni Nation Inc‘s Social Media Pages such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and much more of them. In the beginning, Hanson Noni intended to use only “Noni Nation” due to the fact, it’s an independent music home, but he realized that one strange social media page is already making use of the username.
Hanson Noni decided to add “Inc” to make it more official.

Noni Nation Inc is not just a name or ordinary music record label but a Music Iconic Home


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