Shocking Prophecy: Woman Becoming the next President of US – Dr. Chris Wealth

Shocking Prophecy: I See A Woman becoming the Next President of United States of America.

One ordained and Anointed Man of God known as Dr. Chris Wealth A.K.A God of Everything, also the General Superintendent of Grace & Solution Power Ministry Int’l ( The Wise Lion Family).

Dr. Chris Wealth made a prophecy on comment session of the post of Gabriel Mokwuah on Facebook about the earlier finished United States of American Presidential Election. After the presidential election between Donald Trump and
Joe Biden, The anointed man of God prophesied that he is seeing a woman becoming the next president of America.
Meanwhile, the main US President has not been elected yet.

He was very bound and straight when making the prophecy, he is giving the Americans and the entire world the concrete assurance that his prophecy must certainly come to pass without delay nor disappointment.


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