Things to do during this Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic stay at home period.

Important Things to do during this Coronavirus pandemic (Covid19) stay at home period.

During this period of time whereby the whole world is observing stay at home in other to prevent much spread of Coronavirus (Covid19). there are many things that someone should get himself engaged in other to scare away much boredom and stay much comfortable.

1. Watch Movies and Play Music

This stay at home time can be a better period to enjoy favorite movies which can also lead to discovery of many hidden seasons of movies and other series. Watching movies can also bring out creativity in humanity, such as becoming more knowledgeable in theatre art in someone who is talented in movie making. The person in question can still enjoy unlimited music of all genres to the fullest and it’s equally the right time to discover new artist.

2. Read Books online and offline

Even though students are not schooling due to the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid19), but it’s still a great opportunity for the students or someone who enjoys reading to discover new story books and otherwise. Many books are available on the following book stores such as: Amazon Kindle,

3. Learn Skills online

It’s an opportunity for those who would want to learn skill online but due to no time was made out for it. Someone could start learning how to host websites and web design of any type. It’s time to learn how to create WordPress themes and encoding.

4. Learn Graphics Design

So many people are earning a living through graphics design due to high demands of it, someone who is interested in that should embrace this opportunity and learn it at home with the use of the following software such:- Coral draw, Canvas, Adobe pro

5. Cooking of Delicious Meals and Snacks

Someone who dreams of becoming a great cook would found this opportunity very useful and important to learn how to make delicious meals and snacks for the sake of making income through it or for home consumption.


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