3 Things Musical artist must do during this Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic time

Most important 3 things Musical artist must do during this Coronavirus (Covid19) pandemic time.

It’s true that everywhere is locked down and stay at home is declared in other to prevent much spread of Coronavirus (Covid19) but this shouldn’t be the excuses why musical artist should fold their hands and close their mouth. Meanwhile, serious artist should consider doing the following:-

1. Compose good songs.

During this calm period, it’s an opportunity for any serious musical artist to write, compose and arrange good songs which gonna be a hit after this very lockdown, it’s actually a time which no one goes in or goes out, so much inspiration and motivation could be the order of the day.

2. Record in home studio

This time around, home studio has to be the best for those who has it and to enjoy it in full time without stress and hurry. Voicing and recording will be done normal while perfect mixing and mastering will be done in standard level.

3. Record and release a Song Relating to the trend: Coronavirus pandemic (Covid19)

For those artist who has home studio or can found any means to the nearest studio, this is an opportunity for up and coming artist to take an advantage, record a song relating to the trend: Coronavirus, release and promote it in a normal level so it would trend and gain the artist a fame.


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