Inspiration behind the hit Song “IMANGHOTA” by Brickston Morgan

Inspiration behind the making of the hit single “IMANGHOTA” (YOU WON’T UNDERSTAND) by Brickston Morgan

My Name is Nnaji Daniel Morgan
Popularly known as Brickston Morgan . Am an Rnb Lead solo Vocalist

My latest Fuji track Titled “ IMANGHOTA “ Was Inspired by my Past Experiences and Encounters during my Live band Movements ( Where By We Go for Live Music shows , on Weddings , Launching Burial and Wake Keep night Shows .)
Then I used to think I would be that small and young every day , Lol that was so childish of me then , and I thought I would be So successful with the Live band Shows till the race turns out to be a Competitive One then I quite and switched over to making songs in Studio as I did in this very Song .
In the first verse I sang” Asi na ogoli nuo di na-abo omalu nke ka mma in my dialect “ IGBO “( Meaning : When a woman marries two husband , She will now know who is her best ) the Adage emphasis on having different views on something and know the preference..
And in the second verse I also made an adage “ Ndidi ka eji eso ife uwa na Ndidi gburu ike “ ( Meaning Life is better handled with Patience because patience Terminates And Prevents Sudden Misfortune ) Oh yes I ‘v been patiently Following life and things , Mellowed my self down , Believing that if it didn’t worked out for me today , It surely will tomorrow .

I specially made and dedicated the song to my Culture “Igbo” Because after listening to my Rnb and Westerns Songs, People still don’t believe am a Full Son Of The Igbo Land , But I believe after listening to this well Written, Composed and Cultured Song from me , They will be fully Convinced
All I need from my Igbo people is their Support in any way they can, Ofcourse I believe they will , If the Song Worth’s it .
The whole song is composed of Igbo adages and also sang in Igbo language all through .
I still have other 3 songs alike also done thoroughly with Igbo , So as to show my Love and Promote my Culture

Download IMANGHOTA Here


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