Being Musically Talented ain’t Enough – Hanson Noni

Being Musically Talented is not Enough, good Talent needs massive promotion in other to proceed to Greatness

A Nigerian Talented Singer/Songwriter by real name: Udu Timothy Elechi known by his stage name: Hanson Noni has urged Nigerian up and coming artist to work more harder in other to make it because the industry is very competitive.

He stated: Every up and coming artist in Nigeria and Africa at large should not hope that he gonna blow one day because of his talent, being musically talented is not enough! because Talent without good promotion is bullshit.

Before any up and coming artist would cross the battle line and make fame in the industry, the artist must come out with a hit song and massive promotion such as: Online promotion, mixtape (online & CD), Radio Airplays, Radio Tours, etc must be followed accordingly.


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