9-year-old girl with no hands wins 2 top national writing awards

A gander at Ellick presents one with a kid who will be met with a lifetime of difficulties. Another look at the third-grader would have, in any case, uncover something different – a bundle of motivation for some like her. Back then in 2018, Ellick took part in the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest, entering under an uncommon needs class.

Zaner-Bloser is an Ohio-based organization that distributed research-based penmanship, perusing, composing, spelling and jargon programs. Every year, Zaner-Bloser has a “National Handwriting Contest” for youth over the U.S. The challenge has four classes: Manuscript, Cursive for Grades 3-4, Cursive for Grades 5-8 and The Nicholas Maxim Award for Special Needs Children.

The Nicholas Maxim Award was named after a previous challenge member from Maine, who like Anaya, was conceived without hands however had tremendous penmanship ability. Before winning the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest, Ellick who doesn’t utilize prosthetics staggered the country when at seven years old as a first grader won the Nicholas Maxim Special Award for Excellence in Manuscript Penmanship. Conceived in 2009 in Virginia to Bianca and Gary, Ellick surmounted her incapacities and beautifully paralyzed the country as two national distinctions victor for her amazingly unprecedented composing aptitudes.

As indicated by steemit , Ellick showed herself how to compose by holding the pencil between her two lower arms and staying at her work area territory to get the perfect plot for her to compose effectively. Her folks in like manner revealed that Ellick told herself the best way to compose just as figured out how to tie her shoes, set herself up for school and tried to do things herself even before mentioning help. “It wasn’t generally hard,” she told WTKR. “I was cheerful and I thought my mother was kidding when she said I won once more.” For winning the challenge, Anaya gets $1,000 and a trophy, as indicated by Zaner-Bloser’s site.

Her school won as well, as the organization granted it a blessing testament to be spent on print and computerized assets for understudies and instructors. “Anaya is a good example to everybody,” Sara Cannaday, an educator for the third grade, said.


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